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Is your vital business data stored safely?

A big data loss can be disastrous for any business, no matter its size. Indeed, when the integrity of a company’s IT infrastructure is compromised and data is lost, it can lead to a decrease in profits and productivity, and sometimes even cause bankruptcy.

So how can such a crisis be averted? At Axis Digital World (ADW), we offer clients comprehensive data protection and recovery services for small-to-medium-sized organisations in the Canberra area.

We prevent mass data losses by making your business’s security and overall productivity our top priority. Indeed, we appreciate the importance of a fully maintained and consistently monitored IT infrastructure free from security or accessibility vulnerabilities. Our team of specially trained data experts has the requisite tools and knowledge to protect and recover your data, ultimately saving you from potential IT disasters.


Protecting your data is critical to protecting your business

It is all too easy for managers and company owners to overlook the importance of developing a robust business continuity plan. As such, many business leaders are unaware that their organisation is at risk of infiltration.

Once sensitive data has been lost, damaged or stolen, it is virtually impossible for it to be retrieved. Unfortunately, data loss is all too common and can be caused by issues including hard drive failure, hardware being stolen, natural disasters such as storms, cybercrime, human error, and power failure. Occasionally, an unhappy or malicious employee may even decide to compromise data from within the company.

Once losses have occurred, businesses often have to face up to hardships such as a loss of customer loyalty, revenue losses, and regulatory and financial penalties.


Avert disaster and ensure robust business continuity with ADW

At ADW, we are sensitive to your business needs and understand how important your data is. As such, we believe that your organisation’s data protection scheme should go beyond a mere in-house backup, offering off-site storage based in Australia that shields your company’s data from infiltration.

Our data recovery solution and customised backup services include:

Cutting edge protection from viruses and malware
Easy access options that allow you to reach data through dedicated servers
Backup automation that consistently keeps your data safe

In the event of a serious data breach or less, an off-site replica of your IT infrastructure can be immediately accessed.


Our services are affordable and reliable

Our customers are billed monthly at no extra cost for software or hardware necessities.

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